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Leaders of Beijing Polytechnic visited AET headquarters in the UK

January 21, 2020

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Visiting AET Headquarters

On January 15, 2020, a group of distinguished guests from Beijing Polytechnic led by the vice president, Mr. Yao Jubiao, visited the Association of Education and Technology (AET) headquarters office in Cambridge. Mr. Andy Watson, the AET expert and Ms. Lionel Pan, the project manager of the AET, together received the group.

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AET expert is introducing UK degree apprenticeship

Mr. Andy Watson gave a detailed description of AET's business segments, the outstanding achievements in the past year, and the UK degree apprenticeship. Dean of Beijing Polytechnic, Mr. Yao, expressed his wish to find apprenticeship program that are suitable for China and conducted an in-depth cooperation with AET. Both sides were expected to jointly promote the research process with the help of the AET platform, so as to make efforts and contributions to the educational improvement of China's vocational colleges.

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​About AET

Sino-UK Cooperation and Exchange

In 2019, AET made great efforts to promote in-depth educational and cultural exchanges between China and the UK, effectively promoting the internationalization of Chinese education by making use of competition meetings, research visits and training. In addition, AET has organized more than 10 exchanges of visits between Chinese and British vocational leaders and conducted intensive training for more than 100 STEM teachers from China in the UK National STEM Learning Center. Since 2016, the cultural exchange program of Cambridge & Oxford Elite Students China Lecture Circuit jointly launched by China and the UK has been highly valued by the governments, colleges and universities leaders from both countries. The annual launching ceremony at the British Ambassador’s Residence Beijing is an ideal opportunity for the educational elites to exchange ideas. In 2019, the lecture circuit covered 12 cities and 31 universities, benefiting more than 5,000 students. The 2020 lecture circuit will be held at the British Ambassador’s Residence Beijing on April 9.

International Contest Exchange

AET aims to promote international contests and exchanges among the youth, builds international contests brands and enhances influence. In August 2019, as an overseas co-organizer, AET successfully organized the 2019 Future Engineers International Youth STEM Challenge at the Sports Centre of University of Cambridge. More than 150 international students participated in four competitions. The competition has stimulated students learning interest and cultivated the ability of communication and cooperation.

Vocational Colleges Cooperation

UNESCO has clearly put forward the important of acquiring cross-cultural competence, suggesting to strengthen educational internationalization and promote international cooperation in vocational education. Therefore, serving as a bridge in Sino-UK education, AET effectively integrates Chinese and foreign high-quality education resources, make contributions to the international development of colleges and universities, realize the cooperation in running schools, provide a platform for internal school communication, enrich the content of China-UK international education exchange, and realize the comprehensive training of China-UK international talents. Until now, AET has cooperated with more than 20 British universities and more than 10 Chinese vocational colleges.


In 2020, AET will make great efforts to carry out international conferences and professional seminars and other services based on service segments, so as to make continuous contributions to promoting Sino-UK and international educational exchanges and cooperation.

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