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"Vocational Education Professional Standard International Certification Localization Implementation Seminar" was successfully launched at the 23rd China International Education Annual Conference and Exhibition

On February 17, 2023, the "Seminar on Localization Implementation of International Certification of Vocational Education Professional Standards" sponsored by the China Education Association for International Exchange, hosted by the The Association of Education and Technology and Liaoning Agricultural Vocational and Technical College, was approved by the State Council and supported by the Ministry of Education. The 23rd It was successfully unveiled at the China International Education Annual Conference and Exhibition.


This seminar invited 13 Chinese and foreign leaders and vocational education experts, as well as more than 60 specially invited leaders from vocational colleges all over the country to participate in the seminar.

Director of the Science and Culture Division of the Secretariat of the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO
Guo Wei delivered a speech "The Significance of Comprehensive Practical Education for Teenagers"


Ms. Qiu Yi, deputy director of the Teaching and Quality Division of the Vocational Education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education, proposed to build a vocational education brand with Chinese characteristics.


Mr. Cas Widdershoven, vice chairman of the The Association of Education and Technology, expressed his hope that this seminar will be used as a starting point to gather more forces to help the further development of vocational education in China.


In the keynote speech session, Mr. Jonathan Ledger, an expert in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) from the Department of Education of the British Ministry of International Trade, and the chief vocational education expert of the British Education Technology Association, introduced in detail the professional standards certification system for vocational education in the UK. The British government, higher education institutions, social training institutions and industry companies have formulated unified curriculum and talent training standards to cultivate vocational skills talents that meet the needs of the UK. At the same time, he talked about the introduction of professional standards between China and the UK, and expressed his affirmation and expectation for the introduction of professional international standards and the cultivation of international high-skilled compound talents that meet market demand in the future.


Ms. Hao, Chief Curriculum and Training Supervisor of the British Association for Educational Technology, shared with the audience the experience accumulated in assisting Chinese institutions in the field of international certification of professional standards, and introduced professional standards, professional courses, foreign Experts and other high-quality international education resources, and look forward to continuing to assist vocational colleges in the future to explore the introduction of international professional standards, localization implementation, and related work related to the certification of Chinese vocational education standards, promote close cooperation with international certification agencies and organizations, and promote further rapid internationalization develop.


At the end of the meeting, Ms. Wu Yinxia, the host of the seminar and the executive chairman of the The Association of Education and Technology China, made a summary of the activities. She said that we will continue to improve the construction of professional standards and promote the depth of the education chain, talent chain, industry chain, and innovation chain. fusion. We hope to take this seminar as an opportunity to provide more international high-level exchange opportunities for domestic and foreign partners and vocational schools, and make greater contributions to the development of China's vocational education.

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