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Tour dates: April 5 - April 13, 2024
Activity coverage: Planned to visit 20+ cities, 90+ schools
Expected number of beneficiaries: over 6,000 students
Tour activities include: Lectures and Q&A /Campus Tour/Seminar/City Walk (2-3 hours/School)




Q1: Speech content?
A1: Please refer to the proposal.

Q2: Which cities and schools will we visit?
A2: This is not determined. Year 2016 to 2019, we have visited over 90 schools in over 30 cities, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Harbin, etc. Please refer to the most updated 2024 agend from your team leader (FLE project manager). Let us see!

Q3: Sample Agenda/schedule?

A3: Please refer to the proposal.

Q4: Who will be the key coordinator before and after the arrival in China?
A4: Before your arrival, our colleagues in both Cambridge and Beijing could offer assistance to your visa application. Air tickets would be purchased by yourself. Transfers from and to Beijing airport will be provided. FLE Beijing office will assign a Project Manager (PM) for each team (2 speakers, one from Oxford and the other from Cambridge), each PM will take charge of the coordination work with China schools, arrange the itinerary, and provide supports of all kinds to you. Please feel free to contact them whenever you are in need.

Q5: How about the travel cost?
A5: FLE will cover your cost of the event by providing scholarships to cover your international air tickets insurance and visa application. After your arrival in China, during the event, the expenses including transportation between cities, meals and accommodation, toursight tickets. Your personal expenses, such as laundry, gift purchase or telecommunication, will be borne by yourself.

Q6: Weather & what to wear?
A6: You will experience the season of spring throughout your visit, temperature will be around 5°C at night, 20°C during days, better to bring sun scream for skin protection.
Suits for speech, sports jeans & t-shirt for sightseeing recommended, jacket the rain or cold.

Q7: When & how can I get the scholarship?
A7: FLE would love to offer£1000 scholarship for each candidate.

The first £500 will be bank transferred to your account within 5

working days after the application form and statement signed. The rest will be offered by bank transfer after the event within 5 working days.

Q8: Statement & about signing?
A8: Please contact your coordinator/Project Manager for this issue.

Q9: Any sightseeing?
A9: Yes, for instance Summer Palace in Beijing, and other well-known scenic spots in different cities, will be updated shortly.

Q10: Can I stay in China for travel or friends meeting after the event? A10: Yes, as long as your visa is valid. But you will need to message and inform your PM after you’ve departed from China.

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