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The 2020 China-UK Youth Art and Science Education Forum was successfully held!

2020/11/24 15:34:49 Edit:FLE

From November 13th to 14th, The China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Center for Young People, in association with The Association of Education and Technology (AET), organized “The 2020 China-UK Youth Art and Science Education Forum” in a combination of online and offline. This forum invited well-known experts, scholars, educators, artists, and collectors in the art and education circles of China and Britain. The theme is "Looking Across East West, Fate Begins in Ceramics". The forum uses the ceramic art of China and Britain as a link for cultural exchanges and discussions, and interprets the immortal charm of the ceramic art of China and Britain to achieve integration and development across time and space.


At the opening ceremony, CHEN Aimin, Head of International Cooperation and Exchange, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, delivered an opening speech. She hoped that this forum could pool ideas and focus on themes, and work together to improve the artistic and technological literacy of youths and work hard to create a better future for youths. SU Hongtao, Deputy Director, The China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Center for Young People, said that he believes that the two-day wonderful sharing will enable the young people of the two countries to broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, perceive and understand multiculturalism in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The event spread out Chinese long-standing traditional culture and the Chinese people's love and peace. CAI Ying, Director of Arts Centre, The China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Center for Young People, said that this forum is rich in content and diverse in forms. This cross-cultural spiritual feast has promoted the cultural exchanges between Chinese and British youths and also promoted the all-round development of youth in the new era.


Nick Chrimes, Chairman of the Association of Educational and Technology, mentioned in the keynote speech that the contribution of AET in the field of Chinese-British cultural exchanges and the current common challenges and common advantages that China and the UK face in the field of education. The joint efforts paid were highly praised. He hopes that this event can open up a new chapter in education & cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Britain, which will definitely help promote cultural exchanges, overcome cultural obstacles, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Jonathan Ledger, Education Expert, UK Department of International Trade. YUAN Xikun, Honorary President of China Association of Collectors. Kiran Patel, Senior Director (China) China-Britain Business Council. WANG Yusheng, Former Deputy Curator of China Science and Technology Museum. ZHENG Qinyan, Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts. They shared the art and science education between China and Britain, and the cultural exchanges between the two countries. By combining the experience accumulated in their respective fields of work, they provided constructive suggestions for the development direction of the science, education and cultural exchanges between China and Britain. The work results were shared unreservedly with the audience, and best wishes for the success of the forum were sent.


In the forum, focusing on science and museum education, Keith Taber, Emeritus Professor of Science Education, University of Cambridge , and CHEN Lyusheng, Former Deputy Director National Museum of China, presented "The role of imagination and creativity in science" and "Art and Science Learning at the Museums" gave a lecture on how to popularize scientific and technological knowledge and conduct aesthetic education to young people.


As the carrier of culture, ceramic art has absorbed the essence of civilization. Focusing on ceramic art and aesthetic education, ZHANG Fuye, Director of the Institute of World Art History, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, and British artist Clare Twomey from University of Westminster Research Institute published "Ceramics, Let Human Civilization Glory" and "Opportunities for ceramics for young people in the UK" explains how young people understand the differences in their cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking through ceramic art, so as to enhance their global vision.


In the roundtable discussion session, LIU Xinming, Vice President America-China Education Promotion Foundation. Louisa Taylor, Former Ceramics Resident at the V&A, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton. Susie Olczak, Freelancer Art Educator, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. YIN Hang, Associate Professor, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. WANG Fei, Arts Teacher, Beijing Education College. They focused on "How to establish an effective connection between education and art", "Comparison of Chinese and British Ceramic Youth Art Education", "Adolescent Art Education Interest Cultivation", "Chinese and British Art Course Teaching Content analysis and reference", "Thinking about the application of new technology in the field of youth art education", "Art in the classroom practice of STEAM education" and other topics to share and discuss their opinions.


In the closing ceremony, Sabrina WU, Executive Chairwoman, China, The Association of Education and Technology, expressed her gratitude to more than 20 outstanding experts and scholars in the arts and education circles of the two countries who participated in this forum. This forum is a landmark result of the close cooperation between the host teams of China and Britain, and its success also stems from the high consensus reached by the two organizations by breaking the borders of civil society exchanges and promoting cultural exchanges. In the future, the organizers will continue to cooperate to bring everyone more exciting content.


The two-day forum is a collision of ideas in art and science education between China and Britain, allowing art and science education awareness and ideas to be implanted in the heart. In the future, The Association of Education and Technology will work with The China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Center for Young People to continue to adhere to mutual learning and cultural exchanges, and jointly promote the sound development of Chinese-British youth art and science education exchanges and cooperation, and lay a solid foundation for more practical cooperation in the future to achieve more new results. This forum is an important channel for strengthening Chinese-British cultural exchanges and enhancing mutual understanding. The Association of Education and Technology will also play a role as a bridge between China and Britain in the future to build more international exchanges and cooperation platforms for youth aesthetic education. Make positive contributions to the development of youth art and science education at home and abroad.


The 2020 China-UK Youth Art and Science Education Forum was successfully held!

13-14 Nov, 2020


Experts meet in groundbreaking world first for education as China rises from pandemic

22-23 Oct, 2020

Top education experts and headteachers will take part in a world first to create a global literacy bridge from China to the West.
This is the first time the concept of "Global Competence" has been introduced and an international online summit being held today (Thursday, October 22)and tomorrow (Friday, October 23) will  pave the way for China as it looks to embrace the concept In the post-epidemic era.
Noah Sobe, Senior Project Director of UNESCO, and Dr. Jane Courtney, a UNICEF education expert, will attend the 2020 Youth Global Competence & Perspectives Online Conference.
They will deliver keynote speeches at the summit.
A spokeswoman for the 2020 Youth Global Competence & Perspectives Online Conference said: “Scholars and primary and secondary school principals from China, the United Kingdom, the United States, France and other countries will explore the path and direction of youth internationalization and global competence at the conference.”
Noah Sobe has more than 20 years of experience in the field of international education.
Dr Jane Courtney is a UNICEF education expert who has profound insights and achievements in the development and implementation of international literacy and global competence of young people. 
The two UN education experts will provide the audience attending the Summit with world-leading views.
This event has been kick-started by The Association of Education and Technology and the Beijing Science and Technology Education Promotion Association. 
In 2015, the 193 UN member states adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals and in 2017, the OECD officially released the PISA2018 "Global Competence" assessment framework at Harvard University in what is a world first.

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