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Successful Conclusion of the Online Conference of UK’s Policy on Vocational Education Degree Apprenticeships

Ian & Claire

2020-04-18 20:22:50

On 18 April, 2020, the two-day Online Conference of UK’s Policy on Vocational Education Degree Apprenticeships was successfully held by the Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education, National Institute of Education and Sciences (NIES), China, teamed up with the Association of Education and Technology (AET), co-organized by China-British Business Council (CBBC), and sponsored by First Landing Education (FLE).

The Online Conference has received more than a thousand attendees registered with a total of 3,789 views!Most of our honored attendees are policy makers, representatives of colleges, enterprises, education experts and researchers who are interested and engaged in vocational education. For the first time, online lectures technology plus simultaneous interpretation are applied. Attendees actively communicated with guest speakers in Q&A section. With  these comprehensive and detailed answers, all have a clear and good understanding of Vocational Education and Skills Training. The conference has received high attention and positive feedbacks. Once again, we appreciate the devotion of all the guests for  both their support for China-UK educational exchanges through the screens at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, and their enthusiasm for the development of global vocational education!

Please join us in reviewing the content of the two-day Online Conference!

Opening Speech

We are honored to invite Ms. Cheng SUN, Director of Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education, Ms. Wang YAN, Director of Department for International Exchange, National Institute of Education and Sciences (NIES) China, Ms. Jodie QIAO, Director of China-British Business Council(CBBC), and Ms. Sabrina WU, Executive Chairwoman of The Association of Education and Technology (AET) and Founder & CEO of First Landing Education delivered the opening remarks.

UK Guest Speakers


Jonathan Ledger

Jonathan Ledger is the global TVET Specialist for the UK Government’s Department for International Trade Education Team, a key member of the UK Skills Partnership and CEO of Global Skills Ledger Ltd.

Theme one: Apprenticeship in the UK: creating and delivering successful industry- specific Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

  • The British government has long been committed to reforming the education system

  • Eight aspects in-depth interpretation of Degree Apprenticeships

  • Ecosystem of the UK Vocational Education Degree Apprenticeships

Theme two: Understanding how industry can nurture and develop its own talent through Apprenticeship Schemes

  • UK vocational eduction: Industry 1.0~4.0 development 

  • From the perspective of employers, degree apprenticeships encourage mutual vocational training among industries

Prof.Geoff Hayward

Geoff Hayward is Professor of Education and Former Head of the Faculty of Education in University of Cambridge.

Theme: Apprenticeship and Degree Apprenticeship: what might China learn from the English experience?

  • The development condition of apprentice system

  • The comparison of apprenticeship system among European countries

  • Profound influence of developing apprenticeship to countries

  • The necessary condition of improving the system

Liz Gorb.jpg

Liz Gorb

Liz Gorb is Director of Apprenticeships at Manchester Metropolitan University. Liz is currently leading on the development of Degree and Masters Apprenticeships across the University.

Theme: Partnering with employers to develop innovative Degree Apprenticeships 

  • Degree Apprenticeship at Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Methods of achieving Degree Apprenticeship 

  • Stage accomplishment of Degree Apprenticeship

Aidan Friend

Aidan Friend is Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Coventry University - with a focus on Strategic Developments.

Volunteer Group

Kerry McGreavy

Kerry McGreavy is Head of Apprenticeships at Coventry University.

Theme: Utilising apprenticeships to develop talent and open up career pathways

  • Apprenticeships introduction at Coventry University 

  • Cooperate with industrial partners to discover future talents

  • Five aspects on successful partnership 

  • Looking forward to the future - attracting a new generation

Caichen LU

Caichen LU is Doctor of Education and Researcher of Institute of Vocational and Continuing Education.

  • UK degree apprenticeship system has profound significance for China's college

  • Actively accelerate the process of China's vocational "degree" system

  • Arouse the enthusiasm of the enterprise, and promote the convergence among industry and education

  • China “degree” system top design


Xianhui DONG

Xianhui DONG is Associate Professor of Institute of Vocational Education of Tianjin Normal University.

  • Enlightenment of UK degree apprenticeship and enterprise cooperation in China

  • Setting and evaluating the professional degree apprenticeship

  • Promoting degree apprenticeships with Chinese characteristics

Contact us!

The Online Conference of UK’s Policy on Vocational Education Degree Apprenticeships has came to an end. Our AET staff once again express our sincere thanks to all the guests for their presence! In the future, AET will launch a series of seminars on China-UK Popular Professional Training. We shall try harder to promote the internationalization of vocational education & skills training in China, and create a platform for the international communication.

Please refer to AET WeChat Official Account for guest speech PPT, conference video and more!

If you are interested in our future online conference, please email us at

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