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2021 Youth Art & Science International Competitions with Global Competence


The China Soong Ching Ling Science & Culture Centre For Young People 


The Association of Education and Technology

The American Advanced Educational Association


First Landing Education

Beijing ESICY Education and Technology Limited Company


  • Fine Arts

  • Science Drama

  • Sci-Tech Design

 International Fine Arts Competition: Space Dream


Theme: Dreams of Space

Create a piece of art inspired by space – let your imagination run further and further! There are 2 categories to choose from this year – REAL LIFE – entries using the more traditional approach of paints, pastels, acrylics, pens or pencil. And our SPACE ADVENTURE category – for those of you who want to explore every sense of the word. To enter this category, experiment with textiles, sculpture, recycled and eco-friendly materials, collages – anything goes!  You are free to choose which categories and the score is not affected.

To Enter

You need to submit:

  • A photo/scanned copy of your artwork

  • the registration form 

Email the photo to with the heading DreamsofSpace2021 Competition. The contest is split into three age groups: under 8s, 8–12s and 13 years and over.


Winner: 3*£20 per age group


  1. Please send the entries by 15/09/2021.

  2. When taking a photo of your artwork, please make sure you use natural lighting. Dark or unnatural lighting can result in distorted image colour/ appearance. Please make sure the file size would be less than 10M, the resolution wouldn’t be less than 300DPI, it should be submitted in .pdf format.

  3. We aim to inform all winners before 25/09/2021.

  4. All entrants must be under 19 and should ask permission from a parent or guardian before entering.

  5. Prizes are subject to availability. If, in circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to provide the stated prize, we will try to arrange an alternative prize of a similar value. No cash alternative will be offered.

  6. The 2021 ESICY Global Competence Committee reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time, if deemed necessary or if circumstances arise outside of the Society’s control.

International Science Drama Competition: Space

The International Science Drama Competition encourages participants to marry their passion for science with acting. This competition is open to teams from Chinese schools, the public as well as teams from overseas. It is an excellent platform for participants to display their talents and compete on an international stage, and is surely an opportunity that is not to be missed.

Theme: Space

This item is about the imagination of space exploration stories. Participants are required to present the theme with a good story and vivid characters, they will be asked to perform this story. The future imagination of the story must be based on reliable scientific principles. The integration of technology development and drama art should be emphasized.

Background Story

A mission is published from the National Space Administration which is the collection of a promotional film. This film is needed to let more people understand the achievements of outer space exploration and to know the life of astronauts in space, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of young people to devote themselves to the aerospace industry......

Performance/Short Film Guidelines 

• All performances and short films should be in the form of a short skit not exceeding 8 minutes, and the minimum resolution should be 1920*1080.  it is recommended to keep the original video footage and tidbits (the original one is not required to be submitted, if additional submission is needed, participants will be notified) All the video format should be .mp4, the video size should not exceed 200M(Compressed).

• All performances and short films should be based on the theme of “Space”. 

• The performance should combine scientific content and drama.

•  4-8 students per team

•  Age group: under 8s, 8–12s and 13 years and over

Competition Rules

Please submit:

①the registration form. Please send the filming of your movie to with the heading of ScienceDrama. The length of the movie should be 5-8 minutes. 

②Record a Creativity Interpretation video of your work (Within 3 mins), explaining your ideas of the work and the content & emotions that you want to express through the work(Including your self/group introduction).


Winner:  3*£50 per age group

Sci-Tech Design : Space

Under 8

Theme: ​​Roving on the Moon

NASA plans to land astronauts on the moon by the year 2024. The astronauts will need moon cars—called rovers—to drive across the moon’s surface, carry supplies, help build their outpost, and explore the area. Please design your rover that can scramble across the room.


Theme: Designing International Space Station

You can build your own model of the ISS. Carefully design your modules like service modules, laboratories, nodes, storage modules, etc. Think about solar panels and radiators. And finally let the station float in space!  Look carefully at the drawing and find material that looks similar to the modules. You can use empty soda cans or empty crisp tubes, toilet rolls, wooden skewers, sticks or pipe wires, glue, scissors, aluminum foil, string, white or coloured paper, felt-tip pens, etc.

Above 13

Theme: Building a Mars Base

Design a habitat on planet Mars. The children were free to decide the habitat type, usage and size but were given two focus points. They were motivated to imagine (1) how to live and work together within a confined and restricted habitat and (2) think of a 'house' as a closed-loop-system in terms of supply and return. 


  • Videos and photos must not be technically modified.

  • The size of the work is limited to 40cm*40cm*60cm (length, width and height), and the total mass must not exceed 10kg.

• Please make sure the creativity of the work based on a certain scientific basis.

• If a third party makes a statement or dissatisfaction with the rights of people, buildings, or other things reflected in the pictures or videos, the team shall be fully responsible for the legal affairs that may be caused by the work.

• Participants shall prepare all the consumables.

Competition Rules

Please submit:

①Registration form. .

②Please send the work display video(within 5mins) to with the heading of SciTecDesign. The size & appearance & designed function of the work must be clearly displayed in the video, and clear interpretation of your creative ideas about your work is needed, as well as the practical problems that can be solved.5 photos of the work.


Winner:  3*£80 per age group

​Registration Form

I (we) confirm that all the declared information is true, agree to abide by the rules of the event and the resolutions of The 2021 ESICY Global Competence Committee, ensure that all the work is original and free from any infringement, and that The Committee legally owns the right to use the work.


Thanks for submitting!

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