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The Sino British Vocational Education Quality Improvement and Excellence Cooperation 

Domestic Vocational Colleges Introducing International “Master Classes”

On October 22, 2021, the Association of Education and Technology (AET), First Landing Education (FLE) and Liaoning Agricultural Technical College held a grand signing ceremony on the Sino British Vocational Education Quality Improvement and Excellence Cooperation Project in Beijing International Convention Center.


According to the Sino British Vocational Education Quality Improvement and Excellence Cooperation Project, the two sides will cooperate in many fields to effectively promote the linkage and exchange between Chinese and British colleges, teachers and students, especially the construction and diversion of the world top high-quality resources through the Master Class Project to form the mode of "one teacher leading the team and apprenticeship effect". At the same time, the Sino British Vocational Education helps to exchange and integrate high-quality educational resources between agricultural practitioners and overseas, which will become an important driving force for the development of Chinese vocational education and the cultivation of advanced applied talents.

It is reported that Liaoning Agricultural Technical College is a high-level professional group and A grade construction unit with Chinese characteristics, the national demonstration higher vocational college, the national high-quality higher vocational college, the national high-quality school for rural revitalization talent training, and the pilot college of modern apprenticeship of the Ministry of Education. Located in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, it urgently needs high-quality international educational resources. Agriculture is related to the national development strategy, and Horticulture Technology is the key to the breakthrough of new agriculture and green agriculture. Liaoning Agricultural Technical College actively develops a talent training system with its characteristics, regional advantages and easy export based on the attitude of openness, pragmatism, development and cooperation.

As a partner for the UK side, FLE has been committed to the Sino British Vocational Education Cooperation and has accumulated rich successful experience in professional settings, teaching staff, student employment and further education. The majors covered include engineering, Internet of things, agriculture, health maintenance, preschool education and other fields. Before this, it has assisted many Chinese vocational colleges, such as Beijing Polytechnic College, and Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute to realize international upgrading and transformation.


It is noteworthy that, based on the practice of the Sino British Vocational Education Cooperation, FLE has gradually formed a set of effective vocational education standardization systems, which will provide Liaoning Agricultural Technical College with international solutions for vocational education. These solutions are divided into four levels: internationalization of schools, internationalization of students, internationalization of teachers and internationalization of parents. Each level constructs the internationalization development path of vocational education through four to five projects.

At present, vocational education has become an important direction of China's education reform. In October this year, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Modern Vocational Education, "By 2035, the overall level of vocational education will enter the forefront of the world, and a skill-based society will be basically built. The social status of technical and skilled talents will be significantly improved, and the supply of vocational education will highly match the needs of economic and social development, which will play a significant role in building a socialist modern country in an all-around way." Therefore, the introduction of high-quality international vocational education resources has become an important measure to improve the quality of vocational education in China.

Relevant experts said that the signing of the Sino British Vocational Education Quality Improvement and Excellence Cooperation Project will further promote the cooperation between China and the UK in vocational education, and facilitate the transformation and development of Chinese vocational colleges to international vocational education, comprehensively improving the professional disciplines, teacher training, standardization of cooperative schools, introduction of vocational qualification certificate courses, and overseas study tours, etc. More importantly, the international vocational education standards introduced in this cooperation will provide international solutions for domestic vocational colleges to cultivate innovative, applied and skilled talents.

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