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News Announcing 2021 Global Youth Art and Science Competitions Award Finalists


Dear partners and young friends,

It is with great pleasure to announce 2021 Global Youth Art and Science Competitions Award Finalists. 

The competitions took place from 24 August to 11 October 2021 by China Soong Ching Ling Science and Culture Center For Young People, The Association of Education and Technology and The American Advanced Educational Association. We received 1341 works globally, from China, the UK, Australia, Poland, America and so forth. Thanks everyone for participating.

Age Group: Under 8

First Prize

Olivia Josephs

Second Prize

Weilin Qi,Harry Xie,Avril Ngim

Third Prize

Leons Kola,Nancy Zhao,James Tang

Age Group: 8-12

First Prize

Emma Kozuch

Second Prize

Sophie Zhang,Alan Kozuch,Natalie Kola

Third Prize

Emma Colins,Steve David,Liz Kaufman

Congratulations to all winners! 

For any questions or queries, please contact us by


AET team

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