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2019 Future Engineer International Youth STEM Challenge Successfully Completed

FE Future Engineer Today

On the 24th August 2019, The Second Future Engineer International Youth STEM Challenge, organized by the National Youth Future Engineers Expo and Competition Organizing Committee, the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), the Association of Educational and Technology (AET) and the First Landing Education was successfully held in Cambridge, England. A total of 150 young people from China and the UK participated in 4 different challenges, including the Arm-based ‘Internet of Things’ Creative Design, the Science Fair, Creative Garden Window Design and Science Drama 1+1.

The purpose of this competition is to strengthen student’s ability to comprehensively apply knowledge and skills, cultivate student’s innovative thinking, and develop creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills. Inspire the student’s motivation and interest through the form of competition, promote the exchange of international youth, and cultivate the communication and collaboration ability of transnational culture. Let us review some exciting moments of the competition!

The competition is divided into four challenges:

 Challenge 1: Arm-based ‘Internet of Things’ Creative Design

 Challenge 2: Science Fair 

 Challenge 3: Creative Garden Window Design

 Challenge 4: Science Drama 1+1

Let’s review them one by one

Arm-based ‘Internet of Things’ Creative design

 This is a new challenge created by Arm's designated engineer for this competition. Chinese and British participants participated in a two-days Arm IOT training courses based on the Micro:bit platform in Cambridge. Each player received a certificate issued by Arm. The contestants used the space environment as the background, using simple materials and intelligent electronic hardware devices to complete the construction of the space station and the planetary base, and construct the living environment and operating environment of the planetary base. This competition fully exemplifies the team's innovative practice ability and teamwork ability.

Science Fair

In this competition, participants have made solutions to the problems encountered in daily life, fully reflecting the students' attitude towards innovation and exploration, the ultimate research on technology and the unremitting pursuit of a better life.


Creative Garden Window Design

This project requires the cooperation of Chinese and English participants to produce British models on site and complete the construction of the garden window, combining Chinese traditional culture with international culture, to effectively train the cross-cultural collaboration and innovation ability of the participant.


Science Drama 1+1

This competition focuses on the exploration of student’s creative potential and the improvement of artistic literacy. It presents a complete process of scientific and technological development through the form of artistic expression and carries out ideas for future development. The live performances of the contestants made the judges and the audience full of praise.

Award ceremony

After intensive four challenges, the Chinese and British participants performed well in this competition. The contest invited experts and representatives from many authoritative organizations to present awards to the contestants. The award certificate was jointly signed by the National Youth Future Engineers Expo and Competition Organizing Committee, The Institution of Engineering and Technology IET, and The Association of Educational and Technology AET. The following are some unforgettable moments of the award ceremony:


Mr Yongli Wang's opening speech
“Youth is the future of every country. International cooperation and exchange between young people are the future of our entire humanity. Today, the students have taken an important step and hope that through this event they will enhance their confidence in the exchange of the outside world.”


Director, Institute of International Comparative Education, China Academy of Educational Sciences
Director of the STEM Education Research Center, Director of the Future School Laboratory Researcher 
Su Wang


Head of Education Department, The Institution of Engineering and Technology: David Lakin


 Cambridge City Council Member: Mr George Pippas is presenting awards to Chinese participants

Guests also include:
Secretary-General of the National Future Engineers Expo and Competition Organizing Committee: Mr Zhigang Liu 
Chairman of Cambridge Chinese Community Center: Mr Sun Wei
The representative of the University of Cambridge: Ms Emma Joy Reay
The Institution of Engineering and Technology: Mr Andy Watson


Mr. Wang Yongli and the members of the competition organizing committee

Technology leads the future, education ignites dreams! With the success of the 2019 Future Engineers Competition, First Landing Education is grateful for all the efforts made during the preparations for the 2019 Future Engineers International Youth STEM Challenge.

This event has become an excellent event for Sino-British youth STEM education exchange and STEM talent training. Although it has been held in the UK for just two years, it has attracted the attention of more and more British students and parents. It is believed that with the close cooperation of the Chinese and British teams, the future international competition of engineers will attract more Chinese and English quality STEM education resources and cultivate many STEM talents. Let us look forward to the wonderful development of the future engineer competition in the UK and Europe!

The success of the 2019 Future Engineers International Youth STEM Challenge is thanks to the support of many organizations, leaders and friends from China and the UK who are behind the scenes! These include: Cambridge University Sports Centre, Form the Future, Cambridge Computer History Center, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge Chinese Community Center, Cambridge University, Cambridge Science Park.

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