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2019 the 4thOxbridge Elite Student's China Lecture Circuit were Successfully End

This week, 2019 the 4thOxbridge Elite Student's China Lecture Circuit, held together by STEM Research Center of National Institute of Education Sciences,First Landing Education and The Association of Education and Technology, was rounded off. It was one of the important events carried out by STEM Research Center of National Institute of Education Sciences to facilitate top-level design of STEM education and to promote the STEM quality of Chinese students.

The Oxbridge Elite Student's China Lecture Circuit has been successfully held for 3 times. In 2016, the 1st Oxbridge Elite Student's China Lecture Circuit covered 11 cities of China and achieved certain impact in Sino-British educational field. The 2ndin 2017 and the 3rdin 2018 blanketed over 20 schools at last after strict selection and make proud achievements. This year, the event hit a new height in scale, covering 5000 students in nearly 30 schools in Beijing, Sichuan, Shanxi, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, etc.


In the evening of April 11th, the work team of the event and the 8 students had a closing meeting, making a comprehensive review and conclusion over the event. Mr. Liu Zhigang, Director Assistant of STEM Research Center of National Institute of Education Sciences and leader of Future Engineer Contest, Ms. Sabrina Wu, founder and CEO of First Landing Education and Ms. Zhai Jingqun, Deputy Director of Social Class Management Office of Student Activity Management Center in Beijing attended this meeting.


In the meeting, Mr. Liu Zhigang firstly expressed his sincere gratitude to the 8 students for their support to the event and their contribution to Sino-British culture exchange of STEM education. At the same time, he spoke highly of the event. Mr. Liu also showed affirmation and gratitude to FLE  team, and greatly expected more comprehensive and deeper cooperation between two sides in future.

Highlights of The 4th Event

Strict Background Screening: the 8 students are all from Oxford and Cambridge, with excellent academic backgrounds and professional quality, as well as outstanding communication and presentation abilities.

Strict Education Background Screening: Different from the events held previously, the participants of this year are undergraduates, postgraduates and PhDs. It broadens the horizon of Chinese students and gives them a comprehensive knowledge of the degree application, study and campus life in world top universities.

Strict Specialty Screening: The event of this year, with the theme of Cultivate Elites. Science Shapes Future was unfolded around communication and cooperation in Sino-British education of science and technology. The selected 8 students all major in the fields related to STEM (science,technology,engineering,mathematics).

Sino-Western Integration:Different from previous ones, 4 students from  the 8 participants of this year are from China, and each of which teamed up with a foreign student to make speaking tour and shared with Chinese students in a better fashion their precious experience of entering elite schools like Oxford and Cambridge as Chinese and their stories about study and life in campus.

Event Review

The Oxbridge Elite Culture Exchange in China was officially started on April 4th, covering nearly 30 schools in more than 10 cities such as Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Qingdao, etc. Each lecture was joined by more than 100 people. The Oxbridge elite studentsshared with the students a lot of precious experience on professional knowledge and learning related to STEM. Meanwhile, they had close interaction with the students at school, answered questions and cleared up confusions.


Achievements of Elite Students

In the event, not only the local students benefited a lot, also the participant elite students overseas achieved pretty much. They have the opportunity to experience Chinese educational mode and environment at close range, communicate face to face with the energetic and aspiring Chinese students and feel the extensive and profound culture of China.

The elite students visited robot lab accompanied by teachers and students of the school, and listened to relevant knowledge about robots explained by instructors and students


Badminton is a traditional dominant sport of China. In spare time, the elite students visited badminton stadium accompanied by teachers and students of the school and had a minor fun badminton match, in which the elite students and the students were divided into 2 groups. It not only built up their bodies also strengthened the friendship.

The elite students experienced electrostatic ball at STEM center.


The elite students made traditional Chinese cuisine by themselves together with students

In early April, the period of Chinese Qingming festival, the elite students and the members of FLE team came to the Great Wall at Mutianyu. They climbed the Wall, enjoyed the scenery and ate local food, feeling the long-standing historical culture of China and experiencing the unique charm of world cultural heritage.


As the builder of Sino-British educational resource platform, First Landing Education has always been engaged in promoting Sino-British educational culture exchange. We hope to establish a dialogue platform for high quality educational resource exchange between the two countries, bring the latest British and European education into schools in China, help to cultivate global talents and meanwhile to create a path for elite students overseas to approach China and have an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture. Depending on the pursuit to cultivate global talents, Oxbridge Elites China Tour is keeping moving, with richer contents, larger scales and wider influences year on year. It has become a special bond for Sino-British educational culture exchange. Meanwhile, FLE hopes to give a helping hand to improve and promote the education conditions in China and push forward the development of Chinese education every little bit thought its efforts.

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